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Photo Contest

We are pleased to announce the first annual photography contest for Balls Creek Campground. 

We will have three categories for your submissions: Objects, People, Buildings.
  • Objects: things such as flowers, trees, hymnals, etc. 
  • People: images of people at the Campground
  • Buildings: images of things such as tents, the Arbor, the Shack, etc.
  • Images submitted remain the property of the submitter
  • ALL images submitted must be made at Balls Creek Campground between August 9 - August 20, 2020
  • All images must be received by the submission deadline of: NOON Thursday August 20, 2020
  • Images will be posted to an electronic form for popular voting.
  • The contest organizers may print your photographs for display in the Arbor.
  • The winners will be announced at the Sunday morning church service on August 23, 2020
Please provide a WORKING phone number in case we need to reach you. Use the format: 123-456-7890
Please provide a WORKING email address in case we need to reach you.

Please choose a contest category for your photograph.
Please provide a title for your photograph.
Please upload a SINGLE image here. If you have more than one image to submit, please fill out the form again.

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