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Trustee Meeting Notes 10-1-2019

The Trustees met on Tuesday, October 1st to discuss many topics related to the fire that occurred on Sunday, September 29th . Below are some notes from that meeting.

Prayer and Reflection Service
There will be a Prayer and Reflection service this coming Sunday (10/6) at 5:00pm at the Campground in the Arbor.  Parking will NOT be available inside the Arbor area for safety reason. You may park anywhere outside the buildings except on the campground side of Buffalo Shoals near where the fire occurred. See the attached map. Please, for your safety, do not walk through any of the areas damaged by the fire.

Fire Investigation
The field work for the fire investigation has been completed. Evidence has been sent to the ATF lab for analysis. We've been cautioned that it can take a while to get the results back. Please have patience as the State lab does their due diligence.
The Catawba County Sherriff's Department has started and will continue a canvassing of nearby homes to ask if anyone saw anything suspicious around the time the fire started. If they come talk to you, please cooperate. Any detail might be important.
Additionally, if you have ANY information at all related to the fire, no matter how small of a detail you may think it might be, please call the Sherriff Department's tip line at 828-464-5241.

Stop the Rumors and Hearsay
Please, please, please stop posting rumors, hearsay, and unverified information. Not only can this stir up unnecessary trouble and hard feelings in the community, it can also cause real financial harm. For example, if someone posts that a person bulldozed their own tent to create a fire break (which did NOT happen), then it's quite possible that an insurance adjustor, based on that post, might deny an insurance claim. If you want accurate information, please contact the Trustees via and someone will respond with an answer to your question. Thank you for your cooperation in this very important matter.

Cleanup and Restoration
The Trustees have already been extended many offers to assist with the cleanup from the fire. The plans for this are still preliminary, but the Trustees will be taking advantage of the offers for help. Additionally, a donation link will soon be up if you want to make a donation to help with restoring the Campground. More details will be posted as soon as that is finalized.

Trustees Meeting with Affected Tent Owners
The trustees will be meeting with the affected tent owners soon. These meetings are not open to the public. The trustees will contact the tent owners directly.

Water System
The Trustees are in the process of starting discussions with the entities involved with supplying water to the Campground. More information will be provided at a later date.

The Trustees wish to thank everyone who has prayed for them, sent well wishes, and offered their assistance. They especially want to thank the many Fire Departments that did such a great job of stopping the spread of the fire. More ways to help will be coming out soon. We have a lot of work ahead, but with everyone's help, Campmeeting will go on stronger than ever.


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