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Fire Updates

As information becomes available, it will be posted here. Please stay tuned. This page will change frequently as information is provided.

This is an unoffical, visual inventory of damage at the campground by trustess. Some instances may be not as extensive or worse than described below. The fire marshall's office will determine if a structure will need to be demolished.

Tents #1-12 and 85-105: Burned
Tent #13: exterior damage
Tents #215 and 214 destroyed
Tents #213, 212, 211: extensive damage
Tents #210-209: check/secure doors as many were kicked in to check for fire
Tent #84: heavy smoke and water damage
Tent #14: Damaged porch/exterior
Tent #17: extensive damage
Tents #18-19: demolished as fire break
Tent #20: loft exposed due to adjoining tent
Tents #210-211: smoke damage
Tents #83,108, 105, 209: check doors - they were opened by firefighters to check for hiden fires



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