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Tents for Sale or Rent

THE BALLS CREEK CAMPGROUND TRUSTEES ARE OFFERING THIS PAGE AS A FREE SERVICE TO THOSE SEEKING TO SELL OR RENT TENTS AND TO THOSE SEEKING A TENT TO PURCHASE OR RENT. balls creek campground assumes no liabiltiy in providing this service as these transactions are solely between the owner and buyer or renter.  the tent owner shall provide the trustees with an owner transfer document (download here) in the event the tent is sold. if the tent is rented we ask that the owner provide us information on the renter including name and contact information. when the tent is sold or rented we ask that you contact us as soon as possible (bcctents@gmail.com) so we can take your information off of this page. WE IN NO WAY OFFER ANY OTHER SERVICES, except TO PRESENT THE INFORMATION THAT is PROVIDED TO US.

For Those Listing Tents

If you wish to list your tent for sale or rent, please email the following information to bcctents@gmail.com.
At a minimum, we need the following information:
  • Tent Number
  • Your Name (will not be displayed on the site)
  • Email Address and/or Phone Number
  • A picture of the tent
We highly recommend adding some detailed information about the tent that you can share with potentials purchasers or renters.

Once you have sold or rented your tent, please email us at bcctents@gmail.com so we can remove the listing from the site.

For Those Seeking Tents

The Balls Creek Campground Trustees are offering this page a free service. We will not contact tent owners for you. Please use the information provided to contact the owners on your own.

Tents for Sale or Rent:

Tent 15 (for sale)

Tent 15 is on the inner ring near the arbor. 

Tent 230 (for sale)

Tent 230 is located on the walk toward the Shack on the left. 

Tent 107 (for sale)

Tent 107 is for sale.

Tent 199 (for sale or rent)

Tent 199 is at the corner nearest Buffalo Shoals Road on the Bandys side of the campground. 

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